Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Just enough thrust


So because L works nights I'm often in the chatroom on my own, either with the camera on, or watching from behind the annonymity of the profile pic we posted.
And quite often in lieu of L's presence, I'll be chatting to Cassie on FB as I peruse the goods on offer.
Here's a small example of a typical evening's discourse.

Me: There's a transvestite/transgender/whatever on the cam tonight . . . jesus

C: Shit. Old?

Me: Not sure - called 'Sally' lol. Hang on, what's going on here? FriendFUCK appears to be naked and wanking though it's hard to tell as that area is out of shot.

C: What's the tranny doing? Why am I so interested in the tranny?

Me; No cam so I can't see. Just an odd profile pic of a man in a dress. FUCK is typing in a twattish sort of way, all fingers and thumbs.

C: Lol

Me: He's standing on his bed. Wanking. It's fucking hilarious. I wish you could see it. I wonder why he's doing that? I haven't put my cam on so he can't see me. He's essentially performing to an empty auditorium.

C: So you can see his gear of course!

Me: FUCK - it's the size of a child's arm!

C: woah

Me: That ain't coming anywhere near me . . . He has an impressive six pack however if I can just avoid taking my eye out on that giant thing. He's still wearing socks. Oh no, I was wrong. They're Uggs. Naked. Apart from Uggs. 

C: Uggs?

Me:He's just typed "I'd rather be looking at a pussy, than eating it out". I don't understand what that has to do with anything. 

C: Is he done yet?

Me: Nope. He appears to be thrusting now. He's licking the screen. May vom.

Despite all of the above there's enough entertainment to make me return night after night. Am beginning to question why.

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